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The cure against metal cancer!

Oxidation! It is around us everywhere but how do we overcome it?
Approved by Agriculture Canada and complies with Federal standard 31GP108M, our product is unique. The 84DRS deoxidizes until the last speck of rust is removed. Due to changing weather conditions, any metallic object will eventually rust. With these conditions, rust can happen quickly, destroying not only the aesthetic quality of an object, but also the structural integrity.
Outdoors Metallic structures are at a greater risk. 84DRS, as a prevention against rust is essential in the protection of machinery, tools and structures of great value. The 84DRS is the BEST surface preparation and increases the bond for any types of paints.
Why looking elsewhere!

  • The rinse free formulation unique on the market!
  • Specialized product for surface preparation before painting
  • Rust remover and metal protector
  • Approved by Agriculture Canada
  • Ready to use
  • Available in 1, 4 or 20 litre sizes.
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