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Degreaser #57

Approved by Agriculture Canada!

Degreaser #57 quickly removes dirt, grease and grime from a wide range of surfaces. Degreases, dissolves and removes grease and food fats and industrial oils.
Degreaser #57 completely eliminates fire and smoke residue from a disaster!
Degreaser #57 is a product used as a versatile cleaner, floor cleaner, wax and floor finish stripper, engine degreaser and other cleaning problems.
Degreaser #57 is approved for use in food establishments.
It is used to clean most surfaces where water and detergent cannot be used. Degreaser is non destructive when the product is used according to label instructions, it will not damage metal surfaces including aluminum. This product may be used in a scrubber, a mop bucket or tank sprayer. Use to clean floors, plastic, vinyl, leather, white wall tires, etc. Dilution rates can vary for different applications ranging from pure to 1:20 parts water.

  • Approved by Agriculture Canada
  • Concentrated Formula
  • Can be diluted
  • Removes oil and grease on concrete floors, paving stone, food and catering environments etc.
  • Format only available in 4L
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Degreaser #57