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Spectacular efficiency!

Is it discouraging to see yellowish ring or rust stains in your sink, bathtub or toilet?

Are your shower doors stained by lime scale and soap accumulations?

Is your showerhead water flow weak or spraying jets of water in every direction except where you want it?

Pour or spray, rinse and it’s clean and neat! The dissolving action is immediate and takes place in front of your eyes in seconds!

BRAB’S Lime scale Remover de-scales heavily encrusted limestone without risk to the stainless steel surfaces, acrylic, Fiberglass, delicate porcelain, Styrofoam, bath and kitchen faucets, shower door, humidifier, shower, clothes iron, etc.
Only one product works quickly and efficiently!

BRAB’S Lime scale Remover is the fastest and most powerful on the market!

  • Dissolves lime scale, rust and scale in the toilet, sink, shower head, pipes, coffee machine, etc.
  • 5 times more effective than similar products on the market
  • Ready to use
  • No risk of damaging Styrofoam, septic tanks and waterways
  • Available in 1, 4 or 20 litre sizes.
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