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Your windows, countertops, tiles and mirrors will never have been so sparkling.
If you get streaks when using your PRO-RAG for the first time (Do not panic) it is only a manufacturing residue. Simply run the PRO-RAG through a wash cycle or wring-it several times with hot water before use.

Good for the environment, your Time AND your Pocket Book!
• Pro-Rag eliminates the need for chemicals in homes and businesses
• Pro-Rag eliminates most of paper towel usage
• Pro-Rag cuts cleaning time in half. No more polishing and drying is needed.

Use water only when cleaning…. Wet your PRO-RAG….
Wring it out hard and wipe…. It’s that simple….
It will clean better than chemicals.
Kiss your glass cleaner, chemicals and paper towel goodbye.
Do not wipe dry your windows and mirrors. They will dry streak-free.

The secret is within extremely fine fibers 200 times thinner than a human hair.
They catch and absorb dirt and dust.
Use slightly damp…. It will not damage any surface….
Wipe and look streaks disappear….