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RCA cleaner

The new kid on the block!

The RCA cleaner is designed for all types of stains on vinyl siding, aluminum, synthetic resin, fibreglass, etc.
It can be used very safely without damaging surfaces. Its fluidity enables it to seep into areas inaccessible by traditional methods of cleaning.
Are your house sidings and gutters dirty and disgusting? Are you thinking about changing them? Why not clean them quickly!
Would you like to repaint your sidings? The task seems daunting, the dirt is impossible to clean?
The RCA Cleaner is the best surface preparation in this case.
No stains can resist it!

  • For all types of stains on vinyl, aluminum, synthetic resin, fibreglass, etc.
  • Used as a cleaner or surface preparation prior to painting
  • Great for cleaning, watercraft, trailer, RV, etc.
  • Ready to use
  • Available size 1l, 4l, 20 litres
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RCA cleaner